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Diana Anderson - Relationship Counsellor

Mother Daughter Workshops

~ Ties that Bind: Understanding Mother Daughter Relationships ~

Diana Anderson, together with her daughter; who is a qualified psychologist, run Mother-Daughter workshops and offer individual Mother-Daughter counselling sessions.

Mothers and Daughters can have a very special bond filled with many complex emotions, such as love, anger, resentment and competition to name a few. This bonding relationship starts at birth, and sometimes Mothers and Daughters can become best friends and sometimes they can be enemies.‚Äč

Whatever kind of Mother-Daughter relationship you have there is often room for improvement. Come along to one of their workshops for Mothers and Daughters and learn new ways of understanding the Mother-Daughter relationship and the skills to improve your own.

Through discussions and experiential exercises the workshop participants will explore the varying dynamics of their own Mother-Daughter relationships which may include a mix of intimacy, irritation, autonomy and attachment. Learn new ways to nurture and improve this important relationship.

Please contact Diana for more information or to discuss your needs.

Diana and Alicia are a Mother and Daughter therapist team. They were recently featured in an article on Mother-Daughter Relationships published by the Herald Sun. Read the article below.