Imago Relationships Australia

Diana Anderson - Relationship Counsellor


Couples working with a Certified Imago Therapist learn practical and effective ways to:

  • Create emotional safety for both partners
  • Rekindle passion and romance
  • Discover the unconscious roots of their conflicts
  • Communicate in a way that deepens and strengthens intimacy
  • Move from reactive/defensive (protective) patterns to conscious, intentional behaviour
  • Transform frustration and conflict into pathways to create deeper relationship
  • Understand yourself, your partner and others better
  • Become true partners in healing and growth
  • Empower each other to finish childhood and realise one's full potential
  • Create your dream relationship


Singles working with a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist discover their own patterns that lead to unsuccessful relationships, the dynamics of attraction, and how to create a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.

"We have not yet learned to handle the tremendous power of romantic love. We turn it into tragedy and alienation more often than we evolve it into enduring human relationships. But if men and women come to understand the psychological dynamics behind romantic love and learn to handle them consciously, they will find a new possibility of relationship both to themselves and others." - Robert Johnson